Seignalet’s diet: how he put 80 autoimmune diseases into remission

Jean Seignalet was a french doctor and biologist. He practiced medicine mainly in the 80s and 90s, directing the transplant unit at a hospital and was undoubtedly a pioneer. Even nowadays, his name is associated to great prestige and he is respected in all medical circles, both conventional and holistic.

His great curiosity and intelligence made him discover the famous HLA gen system, amongst other contributions to the medical knowledge. Since the very beginning he was very interested in the treatment of autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis through diets.

Jean Seignalet

In our opinion, his most brilliant contribution was the research on dietetic treatments of chronic diseases such as cancer and autoimmune diseases. His book, “Nutrition, the Third Medicine“, should be mandatory for all patients suffering from chronic diseases. Seignalet treated more than 3000 patients, with varying degrees of severity (from asthma to metastasic cancer). He developed his ancestral regime through combining his own research with the work of other authors such as Kousmine. He defines his diet as the ideal diet for the human being and all the principles all well explained in his book.

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The basis of his diet consists in:

  • Avoiding all grains, except rice.
  • Avoiding dairy.
  • Avoiding cooking at high temperatures.
  • +70% of your diet shoud be raw
  • Consuming probiotics and magnesium.
  • Preferably consuming organic food.

These simple measures are usually enough to put many diseases into remission. In cases that do not respond, Seignalet implements other measures such as elimination of rice in other to evaluate patients’ response. What we like the most in this diet is the fact that with  simple and not very strict measures Seignalet is able to put many patients into remission. Remember that internal surveys tell us that only 2-6% of autoimmune disease patients react to rice (which is also removed in the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol) whilst 70% of them react to wheat and milk. Social relationships are an important part of everydays life and, with a diet that is as strict as the Autoimmune Protocol, many people find that it is impossible to continue their social life as they would like, and that’s something that must be taken into account. Both Seignalet’s diet and the autoimmune protocol are basically elimination diets. The key aspect in the nutritional treatment of any chronic disease is finding our personal triggers and avoiding them at any cost. We strongly recommend reading our book, which is an easy to read guide which will help you find your own triggers:

Seignalet defined success as: 1) Total remission of the disease or 2)Improvement of more than 90% measuring blood tests, symptoms, etc… Some of the results obtained by Seignalet speak for themselves (Charts obtained from Seignalet’s book):

Disease Number of patients: Success:
Rheumatoid Arthritis 297 87%
Ankylosing Spondylitis 122 95%
Multiple Sclerosis 46 98%
Psoriatic Arthritis 39 92%
Sjorgen’s Syndrome 86 86%
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 10 80%
Fibromyalgia 80 90%
Osteoarthritis 118 94%
Type 2 Diabetes 25 100%
 Chronic Migraines  57  93%
 IBS  237  97%
 Crohn’s disease  72  99%
 Psoriasis  72  83%
 Asthma  85  98%


-Why do we have to avoid grains? In his book, Seignalet explains that modern grains have suffered a process of mutations and breeding as a result of which only the most productive varieties are used. For example, modern wheat has 42 chromosomes, versus the original species which had 7 and is very difficult to find nowadays. The progressive selection has modified the proteins that are found in these grains, making them toxic to human bowel. Remember that several studies have discovered the relationship between the ingestion of some proteins and an increase in intestinal permeability.

-Why do we have to avoid dairy? One of the proteins found in dairy (Casein) is difficult to digest and also contributes to intestinal permeability through the same mechanism as grains.

-Other recommendations:

Don’t smoke, sleep enough and do physical activity frequently. Seignalet recommends consuming probiotics due to their positive effect on bowel flora. Probiotic consumption is most important during antibiotic courses. It’s also recommended to supplement with a product that contains magnesium as today’s soil is low in this mineral and it’s almost impossible to reach the recommended dose through nutrition. On the other hand, Seignalet recommends organic products due to their better mineral content and lower risk of consuming toxins and endocrine disruptors. This is especially important in the case of meat as conventionally raised meat is full of antibiotics and hormones used in the fattening of the animal. There’s nothing worse than antibiotic consumption if you’re suffering from an autoimmune condition. Finally, Seignalet recommends supplementing with L-Glutamine in order to reduce intestinal permeability. 

Although here we’ve summarised Seignalet’s proposal, we strongly advise reading his book as there you’ll find the explanation of all his points. You can buy his book by clicking the image below:


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