Review of the best probiotic supplements in the market

All people suffering from bowel disease are interested in probiotics. In a previous article that you can read here we described which probiotics had the highest scientific backing. In this review we’ll be comparing the products which, in our opinion, are the most useful and have the biggest scientific evidence to support them.

It must be said that, although there have been quite a few studies with probiotics in different diseases, current evidence for their use is still low. As there aren’t any side effects associated with the use of probiotics, we strongly recommend using this kind of supplements for general health and treatment of chronic diseases. Furthermore, there are some cases in which the use of probiotics should definitely be a must:

  1. Before, during and after the use of antibiotics: probiotics protect our intestinal flora from the damage produced by the antibiotic.
  2. During non-specific diarrheas.
  3. In the treatment of several bowel-related conditions such as Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis, Irritable Bowel syndrome, microscopic colitis and Clostridium Difficile infection.

There are several bacterial strains used as probiotics although generally supplements only contain lactic acid bacteria. Following, we’ll show a few more options that could be used.

If you’re interested in supplementing with probiotics, either for general health or for a specific condition, here we show a selection of the best products that can be bought currently in the market:

This probiotic is quite similar to the famous VSL#, which has been shown to be effective in the treatment of UC.

  • Number of bacteria per capsule: 30 billion
  • Different strains: 8
  • Cost per month: 18,5$
  • Scientific evidence: Useful for UC, probably useful for microscopic colitis and IBS.

This is the best soil organism supplement available in the market

  • Number of bacteria per capsule: Not specified
  • Different strains: 30
  • Cost per month: 24,5$
  • Scientific evidence: Very useful for IBS (80% remission rate after 5 months) probably useful for fungal infections.

Another product, again quite similar to VSL#3

  • Number of bacteria per capsule: 50 billion
  • Different strains: 10
  • Cost per month: 21,5$
  • Scientific evidence: Useful for UC. Probably useful for IBS and non-specific diarrhea.

Famous yeast used mainly in Europe

  • Number of bacteria per capsule: 5 billion
  • Different strain: 1
  • Cost per month: 16,5$
  • Scientific evidence: Very useful for Clostridium Difficile, very useful for Non-Specific diarrhea, probably useful for IBS.

Another product with lactic-acid bacteria

  • Number of bacteria per capsule: Not specified
  • Different species: 14
  • Cost per month: 20$
  • Scientific evidence: Probably useful for UC, IBS and non-specific diarrhea.

This product contains Clostridium butyricum, remember that this strains produces butyrate in the bowel.

  • Number of bacteria per capsule: 16 billion
  • Different species: 3
  • Cost per month: 28,5$
  • Scientific evidence: Probably useful for IBS and microscopic colitis. Useful for UC, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis and other types of rheumatic arthritis.

This product may be useful in Rheumatoid arthritis and IBS

  • Number of bacteria per capsule: Not specified
  • Cost per month: 22,5$
  • Scientific evidence: Useful for IBS and Rheumatoid arthritis.

We recommend reading our previous article about the best probiotics as it better explains why use each of these supplements:

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