Interview with Clint Paddison: How to treat RA naturally

Clint Paddison is a scientific guru, motivational coach and health strategist specialized in the treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis. He’s the developer of the Paddison Program, which has been succesfuly used by thousands of RA patients during the last years. Learn more about Clint on his website

Clint Paddison

Hi Clint, nice to have you here. As many of our followers are RA sufferers we considered that a talk with such a personality in the field as you would be of their interest. How would you present yourself?

With happiness, joy and a passion to communicate what’s posible in our lives when we know the truth and put our complete focus onto it.

We know that you have quite an impressive scientific background. Could you  tell us how did your background influence your research around the possibility that RA could be healed naturally?

It gave me confidence. Confidence in my ability to read and interpret the medical literature. Confidence in knowing that if I change just one thing at a time I can get clear results and make decisions based on these results. Athough my University studies were in a different line of research, the fundamental principles of research applied perfectly to my health journey.

How much did RA affect your health? At which point did you start to think about alternative treatments?

I was in agony for years, unable to get out of bed some mornings and had severe inflammation in my jaw, chest, fingers, elbows, knee, wrists, ankles and feet. I had to take 25mg/week of Methotrexate for 3 years during my worst period but it wasn’t until I got my diet and exercise right that my bloodwork stayed normal.

I started thinking about alternative treatments the moment I found out I had a serious problem. It just took me years to get past all of the misleading information online and find the truth as to what actually needs to be done.

Would you say that, in your experience,  RA can be put into remission by diet alone? Did you use any supplements together with your protocol?

First of all, I don’t use the word remission. I never use it because in the medical field by definition it means temporary. We don’t want to strive for temporary. I also don’t use the word ‘cure’ since I don’t believe that we can establish a scenario with an autoimmune disease where we can carelessly live any life we want and have no symptoms on no drugs. So I use the phrase ‘completely and confidently controlled’. This means we are our own RA puppeteer. We pull the strings and are able to influence our pain levels dramatically depending on how much discipline we wish to apply. Naturally, maximum discipline provides maximum benefits.

To get pain free drug free with diet alone is very rare. Only a few clients have achieved this. That’s because exercise is 40% of the Paddison Program. Supplements and stress reduction techniques play a support role, but diet and exercise are the King and Queen of healing. And we need to have the perfect diet and exercise with great determination. Then everyone, regardless of age or previous medication history, can dramatically improve the amount of control they have over their symptoms.

Clint during his TEDx talk

Talk about your biggest failure during your fight with RA. What have you learned from that?

Here are a few:

  1. Putting olive oil on my salads for over a year. The moment I stopped all oils I was immediately better
  2. Putting flaxseed meal into my smoothies. Stopping this changed my life also.

There are many more but there is a general theme – low fat is essential. All vegetable oils are pure fat and the flax is high in fat.

We need healthy fats, but we can get them directly from the right foods without the need to add fats. This is a life changing experience for most of my clients.

Another biggest failure was not moving my left elbow when it was severely inflamed. This led to surgery. I didn’t know at the time that I felt much better when I kept moving my affected joints, and that appropriate exercise – that doesn’t cause the joint additional pain the following day – is very helpful.

All diets developed for the treatment of RA like Seignalet’s diet or the autoimmune protocol are based around eating real food like vegetables and eliminating inflammatory foods like red meat and sugar. As the developer of the Paddison Program, which is quite famous in english speaking countries,  what differences can be found between your proposal and these famous diets for RA?

Some other plans can get some results just because they eliminate diary or oils (which is essential, of course). In addition, eliminating simple sugars and red meats is necessary. But the Paddison Program is a powerhouse of pain relief that takes far more factors into account. This is because the baseline phase emphasises 100% alkaline foods (to reverse acidosis), leafy green rich (as a prebiotic to gut bacteria), meets 100% of all nutrient requirements (as long as enough food is eaten), avoids nightshades, avoids gluten, is rich healthy bacteria, high in potassium and Vitamin C, and is extremely mineral dense (to reverse the trend of RA sufferers who are mineral deficient). This is followed by a systematic reintroduction phase, so that eventually you may get into a wide, diverse set of foods (like I now eat) providing wonderful joy around meals for life. Not to mention super healthy!

What would you recommend to a recently diagnosed RA patient? In your experience, which are the 5 most important steps to put RA into remission? And the key to success in this task?

Here are 7:

  1. You have a gut disorder, which presents as external symptoms in your joints
    2. Doctors and Rheumatologists only have drugs and surgeries to offer you.
    3. Many of the common RA drugs make your condition worse.
    4. The best diet is a low-fat, whole foods plant-based diet. Elimination process, then food tests.
    5. Exercise is absolutely essential. Start with what you can and build, build, build.
    6. Your health must become the highest priority.
    7. Get solid reliable support from your partner, family members or friends.


Clint’s TEDx talk about RA

Now being RA free, what does your typical weekday look like?

I have two young kids and a gorgeous wife (who helped turn my health around) so I spend a lot of time with them. I am totally ‘normal’ in terms of my interaction, sleep, play and so on as a father. I swim with my kids, run around with them etc. I can’t sprint, due to my left knee damage, but I should be able to outrun my eldest daughter for some time yet! I go to the gym a few times a week, and yoga occasionally, as time permits. In terms of work, we have a tremendous number of people that we help online, so I’ll get to my computer several times a day and interact with many of them in my Support Forum to offer my views and opinions on how they can make more progress with their unique circumstances.

How does you life look like after succesfully fighting RA? Do you apprecaite more basic aspects of life now that you’re pain free?

Absolutely. Nothing in life is as hard as reversing RA symptoms. So I have a deep confidence that I can face whatever new challenges will come my way in life. I’ve been off drugs now for 5+ years and I am in complete control of my condition. Knowing that I have this control is the most reassuring thing to me. I am eternally grateful for my wife, who stuck by me through the darkest days, and together we are now stronger than we ever would have been. Through adversity we find our greatest strengths.

Thanks for answering our questions. We wish you lots of health and success Clint!

Thank you! You too!


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