Stop Autoimmunity was created in order to share scientific knowledge related to the treatment of chronic disease (autoimmune, cancer, metabolic issues and many more) through natural approaches such as diet, supplements, physical activity or lifestyle changes.

Nowadays, the majority of patients that suffer from chronic disease receive poorly designed and outdated treatments, based only on drugs that commonly have more adverse effects than benefits. They have to forget about the possibility of a cure and live resigned to taking drugs day after day. The medical field rejects any non-pharmacological treatment. Despite being very effective in the treatment of acute illness (fractures, infections) it most definitely fails in the treatment of chronic conditions.

In the last 50 years, the incidence of autoimmune disease has increased dramatically due to the settlement of western diet, rise in stress and environmental pollution. Cancer rates keep growing every year despite billions of dollars being invested in research. Chemo and radiotherapy are still the most common treatments for the majority of cancers. Almost half of US citizens are obese and one third are overweight.

The medical field is usually sponsored by big pharma and, despite all the evidence, doctors are still prescribing pills instead of changing their patients’ lifestyle, which in turn leads the patients to feel helpless and abandoned.